We help you build software factories

UbiqWare helps companies grow their business. Buld the software that you need, either to offer services to your customers or to improve the way in which your organisation works.

Every IT service under one roof


No matter if your company is a startup or an established firm, software developer or industrial  manufacturer: you shall be able to have software at your command to drive your business. And we help you manage it with fairly simple dashboards 


We make development and operations collaborate seamlessly, driven by business goals. Agile methodologies, test-driven development, continuous integration and delivery, IT Service Management and business-oriented dashboards. We are DevOps!


Oriented to methodology and technology transfer, we accompany you either only in the early stages or all the way through your adventure by getting involved in software development -on our own or side by side with you.  

Digital Transformation

We bring digital agility so your business becomes more competitive in a world ruled by innovative digital disruptors. 87% of large businesses list digital business as a strategic challenge and 73% agree that failure to respond quickly will result in commercial failure. Not for our customers.  

Our technology stack

We are focused on the following technologies, which does not mean that we can also develop in others :)

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Apache Cordova

Single HTML/CSS/JS codebase to deploy software for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Know about Cordova
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Web development

We said single HTML/CSS/JS codebase in the Apache Cordova section to the left. Apps run on web browsers too :)

Visit w3.org
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Grails is our preferred technology for backend development, but we also do stuff on .NET, Node, Python and some others.

Know about Grails

... and we make sure that your software is properly tested with our own tool: DevHaven

More about DevHaven

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Do you want to create a state-of-the-art business-driven software factory? Improve the way in which you create and deliver software? Adopt test-driven development reinforced by continuous integration/delivery tools? Do you want to embrace cross-platform development?

Do you want it all covered by a trustworthy provider?

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