UbiqWare presented at Startup Grind Asturias

Yesterday, we had the chance to participate in the first edition of Startup Grind Asturias as the first startup presenting its activity. Despite the hassle with the remote control and some problems with the mic, we provided a brief insight of our services to the software development community, with a special focus on multi-device and cross-platform development.

It was also a honor to precede the interview to Raul Mata, made by Alejandro Orviz. Raul Mata is one of the most active entrepreneurs in Spain, co-founder and president of eGauss -a Business Holding of ICT companies created by top-quality researchers and entrepreneurs. His vision as an expert manager provided all the audience with some tips to take into account in our next future. In addition, the bunch of anecdotes he narrated also allowed us to attend an enjoyable event. Things could only get better in the following dinner, in which we shared a nice conversation with him.

Alejandro is the main responsible of the acceptance of Asturias as one of the geographical chapters of the Startup Grind initiative, supported by Google for Entrepreneurs, so this region should be grateful to his courage to build this all from scratch. However, he could not have made it without the help of all the Startup Grind Asturias team: Víctor Caveda, Aurora Barrero, Ricardo González Menéndez, Olga Gutiérrez and the rest of the crew. Laboral Centro de Arte should not be forgotten either, as they offered a wonderful place to host the event. Many thanks to you all for this wonderful event, which will happen on a monthly basis in the three main cities of Asturias: Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés.

You can see the start of our speech in this picture stolen from our friend Enrique Riesgo’s Twitter timeline:

UbiqWare presentation at Startup Grind Asturias I

Nacho Marín starting the speech presenting UbiqWare at Startup Grind Asturias


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