We are happy to announce that we shall participate in 4YFN (4 Years From Now), an event dedicated to the promotion of startups and hosted as parallel congress to the more-than-popular Mobile World Congress . We shall participate with our presence in the booth of ASTUREX / CEEI Asturias / Cluster TIC with some other Asturian startups, such as ABAMobile and Adele Robots. The event takes place from February 27th to March 1st.

UbiqWare has also been chosen to participate in the investor pitch in the category of Business / Productivity, together with other nine startups, in the Founders & Investors Area of the event -between 10 am and 11am. Afterwards, an interesting networking event will take place which indubitably will be the source of many chances to meet relevant personalities in both the startup and investment arenas.

We shall stay until March 2nd, as 4YFN invites participants to visit the MWC. And… tadaaaaaa! we’ll also have a full day pass for Monday 27th THANKS TO THE SPANISH STARTUP ASSOCIATION. A nice dinner will also happen later in the night to meet many other associated startups and, of course, Carmen and Elena.

You’ll surely have some feedback as we are back home!


4 Years from Now


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