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Cool testimonial: World Wide Web Foundation

The new interim CEO at the World Wide Web Foundation mentioned the good work by UbiqWare as their IT Service Managers in an article in La Nueva España (in Spanish). Although the article is only for digital subscribers, you can find a copy in the web site of Fundacion CTIC.

We are really happy to serve one of the most relevant organizations in the usage of technologies to enhance people’s rights worldwide, by making technology as seamless and useful as possible for the whole Web Foundation team. And we are also obviously proud to work closely with other collaborators and good ole colleagues such as Simbiosys (developers of the Web Foundation website and other project related web applications) and the WESO research group at Universidad de Oviedo.


We are happy to announce that we shall participate in 4YFN (4 Years From Now), an event dedicated to the promotion of startups and hosted as parallel congress to the more-than-popular Mobile World Congress . We shall participate with our presence in the booth of ASTUREX / CEEI Asturias / Cluster TIC with some other Asturian startups, such as ABAMobile and Adele Robots. The event takes place from February 27th to March 1st.

UbiqWare has also been chosen to participate in the investor pitch in the category of Business / Productivity, together with other nine startups, in the Founders & Investors Area of the event -between 10 am and 11am. Afterwards, an interesting networking event will take place which indubitably will be the source of many chances to meet relevant personalities in both the startup and investment arenas.

We shall stay until March 2nd, as 4YFN invites participants to visit the MWC. And… tadaaaaaa! we’ll also have a full day pass for Monday 27th THANKS TO THE SPANISH STARTUP ASSOCIATION. A nice dinner will also happen later in the night to meet many other associated startups and, of course, Carmen and Elena.

You’ll surely have some feedback as we are back home!


4 Years from Now


Buscamos compañeros de fatigas

Hola. Somos UbiqWare. Una empresa centrada en ayudar a fabricar software a otras empresas y organizaciones. Recién cumplidos nuestros dos primeros años, necesitamos comenzar a incorporar nueva savia de manera inmediata.

Si te atrae trabajar en torno a metodologías ágiles, desarrollar tu carrera en una empresa que ofrece servicios en torno a la gestión integral del ciclo de vida del software, aplicando técnicas y tecnologías de referencia (desarrollo guiado por pruebas, integración continua, entrega continua, gestión de infraestructura como código o gestión del servicio IT, entre otros) y ayudarnos a hacer más grande esta aventura, envíanos tu currículo a

Apreciaremos todos los conocimientos que ya tengas de todo lo anterior, de desarrollo con Java/Grails, con HTML/CSS/JavaScript tanto para webapps como aplicaciones móviles con Apache Cordova o con ObjectiveC/Swift para iOS y Java para Android. Nuestro futuro inmediato pasa por ampliar horizontes más allá de nuestras fronteras, por lo que manejarse en idioma inglés es imprescindible. Pero, sobre todo, buscamos gente con ganas de aprender, crecer, asumir responsabilidades y ser recompensada por ello. Te esperamos.

Selected to develop the new website of Friends of the Internet Governance Forum

We are glad to share the announcement of the new project in which we are involved with our colleagues from Simbiosys. Our joint team has just been selected from a list of 8 candidates worldwide to develop the new website for the Friends of the Internet Governance Forum, an initiative to preserve and curate the archives of the sessions of the Internet Governance Forum.

Find the original announcement from Chalmers and Associates here. If some guys from Asturias can convince someone from New Zealand to work with them, is there any limit left for collaboration via the Internet?

And we, Simbiosys and UbiqWare, have some ideas in mind to make it something much more powerful than an archive: stay tuned!

UbiqWare presented at Startup Grind Asturias

Yesterday, we had the chance to participate in the first edition of Startup Grind Asturias as the first startup presenting its activity. Despite the hassle with the remote control and some problems with the mic, we provided a brief insight of our services to the software development community, with a special focus on multi-device and cross-platform development.

It was also a honor to precede the interview to Raul Mata, made by Alejandro Orviz. Raul Mata is one of the most active entrepreneurs in Spain, co-founder and president of eGauss -a Business Holding of ICT companies created by top-quality researchers and entrepreneurs. His vision as an expert manager provided all the audience with some tips to take into account in our next future. In addition, the bunch of anecdotes he narrated also allowed us to attend an enjoyable event. Things could only get better in the following dinner, in which we shared a nice conversation with him.

Alejandro is the main responsible of the acceptance of Asturias as one of the geographical chapters of the Startup Grind initiative, supported by Google for Entrepreneurs, so this region should be grateful to his courage to build this all from scratch. However, he could not have made it without the help of all the Startup Grind Asturias team: Víctor Caveda, Aurora Barrero, Ricardo González Menéndez, Olga Gutiérrez and the rest of the crew. Laboral Centro de Arte should not be forgotten either, as they offered a wonderful place to host the event. Many thanks to you all for this wonderful event, which will happen on a monthly basis in the three main cities of Asturias: Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés.

You can see the start of our speech in this picture stolen from our friend Enrique Riesgo’s Twitter timeline:

UbiqWare presentation at Startup Grind Asturias I

Nacho Marín starting the speech presenting UbiqWare at Startup Grind Asturias